The 2015 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest

When it comes to incredible costumes, you’d think we had pretty much seen it all.  After all, we’ve been in the costume business since 1990.   Well, not so fast costume fans.  Truth is every Halloween season there are some very industrious souls out there busily creating innovative costume masterpieces, the likes of which we’ve never (ever) seen. In fact, every year we are amazed by the original, clever, brilliant and truly unique costumes some folks come up with — and then proceed to make — all on their own.  Of course, we wonder, how do they think of this stuff?

Last year our DIY Halloween costume contest was so popular we were over-whelmed with the response. We had over 5,400 entries. How could we not do it again???   So <drum roll please> for the 2015 Halloween season, Halloween Express is sponsoring it’s third annual DIY Costume Contest!  And we’re offering $16,000 in cash and prizes to the winners and runners up in eight costume categories:  Collegiate (New for 2015), Maternity, Adult Couples, Child/Teen/Tween, Infant/Toddler, Adult Singles, Pet and Group.  


How it Works. Your costume must be at least 50% created from materials other than a store bought Halloween costume.  So while we’re thrilled to sell our costumes all day long, if you want to win this contest at least 50% of the costume has to be created from something other than a commercially available Halloween costume.  Of course we encourage the use of store bought accessories in the creation of your DIY costume. Some accessories you might want to consider using for your DIY costume include make-up, facial hair,  body paint, wigs, hats, shoes, gloves, masks, fangs/teeth, fake blood, etc. The list is almost endless so hopefully you get the idea.   In fact, you’ll find literally thousands of costume accessories here at Halloween Express you can use to help in the creation of your DIY costume.


The 2015 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest

Once you’ve created your costume, submit up to 3 photos of  your DIY costume creation to our site using this link (entries can be submitted starting October 15, 2015 and must be done using a desktop computer with a javascript enabled browser – mobile will not work for the large format entry form). We also ask you to give us the full scoop; we want to know everything–from what made you think of your costume idea, to how you made it (including which accessories you used) and of course, what kind of a reaction you got when you did wear it. We will then ogle, eyeball, gawk, ooh and ahh over every single photo submission, and then, judiciously choose the most deserving winners (and runners up) in each of the eight categories. The winners will receive cash and prizes – a total of $16,000 in fact! Now seriously, folks- what could possibly be better than that?  Judging will be based on 50% originality/creativity of the costume, 25% on the execution (creation of the costume) and 25% on the written story behind the costume. All photos must be original and taken during the 2015 Halloween season which for this contest is September 1, 2015 to November 9,  2015. Note too we’re looking for costume entries from amateur, do-it-yourselfer’s (not professional costumers).  Winners will be announced by or before December 1, 2015 (just in time to spend the cash for Christmas!)  We have rules, folks, so please review them and follow them to the tee. Everyone stays happy that way.

(If you’re interested in seeing the winners from 2014, here is a link to some of our DIY contest winners from the 2014 Halloween season.) 

Now, it’s time to get cracking and get those creative juices flowing. We know you are going to come up with the best costume ideas ever. The winning costumes will be posted here on our site, so if you win, in a way your costume idea will live on in infamy. Plus you will have a little more jingle in your pockets, to boot. Have fun and start designing. On your mark…get set…GO!

What’s that you say? You couldn’t put two pieces of fabric together with thread and needle if your life depended on it? Or, perhaps you’re just not a DIY fan? OK. We understand. We have good news. Halloween Express has more Halloween costumes in more sizes and in more styles than anyone. Period. So whether your’re looking for adult costumes, kids costumes, sexy costumes or perhaps even a pet costume for fido, we have you covered. Halloween Express also carries a huge selection of Halloween decorations and props. So if decorating your house and yard for Halloween is your thing, we can help there too.

Be sure to check out the Halloween Costumes at Halloween Express! Our new for 2015 line up is full of surprises with some awesome (and affordable) animated props!

2015 DIY Costume Contest