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2013 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners



Congratulations to our 2013 DIY Halloween Costume Contest Winners! We want to thank everyone for their participation. We had over 5,000 entries in six different categories. In fact, the number of entrants far exceeded our expectations. The imagination and ingenuity of some entries was truly amazing – and inspiring!

Links to each of the winners in the six costume categories are below. We awarded a First, Second, Third and Fourth place winner in each category. Simply click the category links listed below to view the winners in each category. We’ve also assembled a montage of photos submitted in each of the categories so you can see what some of the other contest entries looked like.  These montages appear at the bottom of each category page.  There were literally thousands of photos submitted so while not all entries are represented in the montage, we made an effort to include as many as possible.

Here are the links to the winning photos in each category:



Judging was difficult and time consuming. Each entry was first screened for adhearance to the contest rules. Unfortunately, many of the top contenders were disqualified in this first level screening due to violation of the rules. Probably the most common violation was the publication of the photo online (typically in other online contests) or the photo contained an advertisement of some kind (e.g. domain name). Other common rule violations that resulted in disqualification included photos that were not taken during the stated time period and the use of professional costumers. In the Child/Tween/Teen category there were many entries for children under the age of 5. While very cute, the minimum age limit to be eligible to participate in the Child/Tween/Teen category was 5 years old.

Once the entry passed the rules screening our panel of ten judges scored each entry according to the following formula: 50% on originality and creativity, 25%  on the execution (creation of the costume) and 25%  on the answers to the questions the contestant provides. The top four scores in each of the six costume categories determined the winners.

Thank you again to everyone who participated.  We hope these amazing costumes inspire many more to enter our 2014 Halloween costume contest.