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2015 DIY Costume Contest Categories

2015 DIY Costume Contest Categories


Entries will be accepted in the following eight costume categories.

  • Collegiate (NEW for 2015!)
  • Maternity/Expectant Mother
  • Adult Couples
  • Child/Tween/Teen
  • Baby/Toddler
  • Adult Single
  • Pets
  • Groups


Details of each category along with requirements and restrictions are listed below.


Collegiate Costume Category


New for 2015! They say college can be the best four seven years of your life. However, between tuition and books it’s certainly not the cheapest. Luckily, for all you college students out there, we’re offering an opportunity to turn your creativity into cold hard cash! If entering our scholarship essay contest isn’t exactly your thing; it’s time to put your costuming skills to work. The rules for this one are simple: the more school spirit, the better. Creativity is king for this category! Whether you prefer to be funny or sexy, alone or in a group, it’s up to you… Create a costume that shows why you have THE MOST school spirit of anyone in the country and you could be the Inaugural Champion of our Collegiate Category!

Requirements / Restrictions:  Subject(s) must currently be enrolled in a two or four year accredited program and 18 years of age or older.




Maternity Costume Category

Maternity/Expectant Mother

That little bun in the oven could be the best costume accessory you’ve got–depending on how you use it, of course.  If you’ve come up with a simply genius way to incorporate your baby bump into your homemade costume creation, this category and you are a match made in baby heaven.  We will be selecting one winner in the maternity category as part of our DIY costume contest.  After you’ve cleverly come up with a costume perfect for gals who are “in a family way”, send us pictures and tell us your costume story.  If you win, you can add one more thing to your list of the joys of motherhood!

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo subject must be pregnant (obviously), in costume and 18 years of age or older.





Adult Couples Costume Category

Adult Couples

Significant Others. Partners in Crime.  Two Peas in a Pod.  BFF’s.  There are many ways to describe all you dynamic duos out there.  It’s even better when the two of you are dressed in a pair of go-together costumes!  The couples category of our costume contest is for those of you who like to do everything as a twosome, right down to creating and wearing costumes.  If your DIY costume is worn as a couple and goes together like hand in glove or yin and yang, this is your category.  Send us pictures of your contest entry along with its story.  Who came up with it?   What did your friends say?  If you win, it will then be up to you how you two divi up the money.

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo must contain two people (thus “a couple”) in costume and both being 18 years of age or older.





Child, Teen and Tween Costume Category


You know your kid is a genius, he (or she) demonstrates this to you time and time again.  If this time your child has come up with a Halloween costume idea that (once again) shows his (or her) infinite prowess and brilliance, we want to see it.  Send us pictures of your child, tween or teen in his (or her) fabulous costume masterpiece.  Tell us the story behind it and why you think it needs special recognition.  Kids from all over the country will enter our costume contest, but only a few will win.

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo must be that of a child, tween or teenager in costume between the age of 5 and 17 with the photo being submitted by the parent or guardian who is age 18 or older.






Baby and Toddler Costume Category


It’s a fact, the ooo’s, ahhh’s and “oh how cute’s!” your little one receives during Halloween never get old. You’re neighborhood renowned for the skill and creativity you display with a sewing machine during the month of October. It’s time to show off your skills on the big stage! Send us those pictures you’ll cherish for years to come – and may the cutest win!

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo must be that of a baby or toddler (newborn thru age 4) in costume with the photo being submitted by the parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or older.








Adult Single Costume Category

Adult Single

You know who you are.  You’re one in a million.  And so is your DIY costume idea.  You dreamed your idea up and created an awe-inspiring costume gem all by yourself and now a little recognition would be nice.  We understand.  If you’ve created a costume idea that’s simply the pièce de resistance, we want to see it.  Send us the pictures.  Tell us your story.  How did you come up with the idea for your costume?  What was your inspiration?  What was the reaction when you wore your creation?  If you are the lucky winner in our costume contest “single” category you will win a cash prize.  Which means you can take all the credit for your greatness, too.

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo subject must be that of a one person in costume who is an adult at least 18 years of age or older.






Pet Costume Category


What’s this you say?  Some of you silly humans have finally figured out how to make your furry friend into the cutest, costumed up creature on the entire block–or maybe in the entire universe? If you have a DIY pet costume that has gotten you (and your pet) a lot of attention, we want to see it.  The pet category of our costume contest is just for you creative pet owners that know how to make the most of your pet’s best assets when it comes to creative costuming.  Send us pictures and tell us the story of how your costume came about.   You never know, you may win–and cash prizes can buy an awful lot of dog treats!

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo subject must be that of your pet (e.g. dog, cat) in costume and submitted by the owner who is at least 18 years of age or older.






Group Costume Category


Hey, hey the gang’s all here!  And when they got their DIY costumes on–was it ever a glorious sight to behold.  If you have a great Halloween costume idea that you came up with for your group of 3 or more, then this costume contest category is just for you and the other members of your wild bunch.  Send us pictures of your group’s costumes and tell us the story behind them.  We have crazy friends, but yours might be crazier, the costumes usually do not lie.  The winners of this category will receive a nice cash award, which will likely make all your efforts well worth it–at the very least it should buy you all a nice dinner.

Requirements / Restrictions:  Photo must contain a minimum of 3 people dressed in costume.  The person submitting the photo must be at least 18 years of age AND either be in the photo OR be the parent/legal guardian of a person in the photo.