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2016 DIY Halloween Costume Contest

The 2016 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest
The 2016 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest

There is something about Halloween that inspires the creative genius in many of us. Whether it is the perfect way to adopt a secret alter ego, or just the opportunity to try and live a little outside of the box, Halloween and creativity seem to go hand in hand. Since we got into the costume business in 1990, we have been very impressed with the originality and innovative genius that comes out in folks at Halloween. Thus, it seems only fitting that we offer to you industrious souls, an opportunity to showcase your illustrious costume making talents! Without further ado, we are pleased to announce our fourth annual Halloween Express DIY Halloween costume contest!

The past three years have proven this contest to be both amazing and overwhelming! With over 5,000 truly inspiring entries submitted to our contest last year, we could hardly wait to roll out this years challenge. This year, Halloween Express will be offering $10,500 in cash and prizes to the winners and the runners-up in costume categories. Adult Couples, Adult Singles, Child/Teen/Tween, Infant/Toddler, Pet and Group.

The Full Scoop: Your costume must be created with at least 50% materials that come from something other than a store-bought Halloween costume. Yes, of course, we love to sell our Halloween costumes. But for this contest, we want you to come up with something that is uniquely your own and not part of something that is commercially available. Feel free to accessorize your DIY costume at will. In other words, wigs, hats, facial hair, makeup, fake blood, gloves, hats, jewelry, weaponry, teeth, etc. all can and should be added to your original look with reckless abandon. You will find thousands of costume accessories to choose from here at Halloween Express! We’re pretty sure you are going to love how your imagination and our stuff work costume magic together.

The 2016 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest

Once you’ve constructed your costume masterpiece, here is what you need to do. Submit up to 3 photos of your DIY costume to our site using this link. Entries can be submitted starting October 3, 2016. (Note: You must use a desktop computer with a JavaScript enabled browser in order to make your submission; mobile will not work for the large format entry form!) In addition to the photos, we need a little bit of information about your costume. We want to know all about your costume. Tell us what inspired you to make it, how you made it, what you used to make it (including the accessories you added) and what kind of a reaction your DIY costume received. What did your friends think? How did you feel wearing it?

We will look at every single entry that we receive. Some of the entries will make us laugh hysterically. Others will leave us simply dumbfounded. Many will get a round of Halloween Express applause. And some DIY costumes are sure to blow our minds. We will, however, judge each and every entry and choose the most worthy winners and runners-up in each of the six entry categories. The winners will receive cash and prizes, to the tune of a total prize value of $10,500 being given away, which my friends, is what they call icing on the cake. Here are the criteria that our very distinguished judges will be using as they  judge each entry: 25% on the execution and creation of the costume. 50% of the points will be for the originality and creativity of the costume. Lastly, 25% of the point value will be given for the written story about the costume and its creation. All of your photos must be original and taken during the 2016 Halloween season, which for this contest means from September 1, 2016, to November 4, 2016. We are looking for amateur, do-it-yourself, creative costumes from everyday folks, not professional costumers. Winners will be announced on or before December 1, 2016. (Just in time to use the cash for Christmas, oh yeah…) We have rules people, so please review them and follow them carefully, so everyone stays happy!

(If you would like to check out last year’s 2015 winners, here is a link to our DIY contest winners from the 2015 Halloween season.) 

Now it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to see what you come up with because we know that the best costumes ever really do come from YOU. Do not despair if you are feeling uninspired, unimaginative and just plain unmotivated. You may not win any contests, but you can still shop from the largest selection of Halloween costumes on the planet at Halloween Express. Halloween Express has more Halloween Costumes in more sizes and more styles than anyone. Period. No matter what costume you may be looking for — adult costumes, kid costumes, sexy costumes or pet costumes, we have everything you need and a whole lot you probably hadn’t even thought of yet. Make sure you check out our huge selection of Halloween decorations and props, too! That way your home can be the spookiest one on the block!



2016 DIY Costume Contest