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The 2017 Halloween Express DIY Costume Contest is closed. Winner names for each category are posted on the home page of this site. Winners will have until December 15, 2017 to claim their prize. Photos will be posted early January 2018. Complete details about the 2017 DIY Costume Contest rules, prizes, categories and judging criteria (including “Tips from the Judges”) are contained on this website. We urge you to review and read them before submitting a question. 99% of all questions we receive can be answered by reading the pages available here on this website. If however your question isn’t addressed on these pages, use this form for other questions regarding our contest.

NOTE: Please do not ask us to verify your entry. We will not respond to these type of inquiries. Your entry was received properly if you received the confirmation screen. Additionally, an email was sent to the email address you entered. If you didn’t receive that email, check your spam folder. Also, we cannot make additions, changes or deletions to an entry once submitted. If you made an error, you’ll need to resubmit using a different email address. And finally, if you’re getting an error when uploading your photo it’s because the file you’re attempting to submit does not meet the specifications. Sorry – We do not have the staffing available to assist with trouble shooting these kind of technical issues. Again, we urge all contestants to carefully read the materials presented here. Everything you need to know on how to successfully enter this contest is on this website.

NOTE: This form is not for use in submitting answers to contest questions or for participating in the actual contest.

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